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image is a music business education website that offers information and a self-study opportunity on a monthly basis.  Our mission is to supply current, practical advice that urban artists can directly apply to their careers, to help them get to the next level cost effectively, efficiently, and realistically.  The music industry has many pitfalls because it is a closed industry—meaning a small circle of “insiders” have the experience and know-how to succeed, and very few of those insiders share their knowledge, information, and experience because their goal is to utilize that knowledge to sign artists and profit themselves from the talent of those artists, not to empower artists to succeed on their own.  We empower artists!
The trial and error process for self-discovery is very costly and time consuming. Additionally, there are a host of outside businesses and industry people geared solely to prey on and feed off of new and inexperienced artists.  From services that offer meetings and introductions at record labels for a fee, to talent showcases offering “discovery” and prizes along the lines of a local American Idol competition, there are many routes to “instant success” being offered to unsuspecting artists.  There are no instant success solutions, and while there are many routes to success in the music business, educating yourself as to how to succeed and build a sustainable career is an artist’s best course of action. offers information, ideas, solutions, and real world examples for struggling artists to help them sell their music, build a fan base, and gain exposure within their region.  While there are no guarantees on the level of success an artist can achieve, SlavesNoMore helps supply today’s talented urban artist with the information, knowledge, and access needed to build a successful career in today’s urban music business. is an on-line educational monthly learning system for artists who are serious about their careers and willing to work efficiently to win.  Founded by industry veteran, Wendy Day, this educational subscription website was built to supply the knowledge Wendy has been accumulating and sharing for over twenty years.  This gives the artist control over his or her career and helps decipher and avoid the pitfalls that exist in the music industry to defraud them of their money.  “I bumped my head through trial and error to find what works and what doesn’t, so that artists don’t have to. They can learn from the successes of others and reduce the time and money spent making costly mistakes,” states Wendy Day, Founder.  “We give them affordable access to that knowledge.”
For 21 years, Wendy Day has stood at the forefront of the urban music industry teaching and educating artists and industry people how to make money with their music and helping to build sustainable careers.  She has helped build the careers of Master P, C-Murder, Twista, Eminem, Ras Kass, Fiend, David Banner, BG, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Baby (Birdman), Hot Boyz, Big Tymerz, Do Or Die, and many others.  Building artists’ careers and putting them in positions of power and ownership so they can control their own destinies is what Wendy Day is best known for.  Now every artist has access to the knowledge and experience it takes to build a sustainable career in urban music.
For the price of a magazine, SlavesNoMore brings a new topic to you each month. The topics include: How To Get A Deal; Choosing A Team; Putting out your own record; Funding; Staffing; Finding Your Target Market; Reaching fans; Timing; Building a buzz; Street promotions; Radio; Internet promotion; Publicity; Advertising; Video; Networking; Streams of income; Publishing; Songwriting; Film/tv/video games; Sponsorships/Endorsements; Touring; Mix CDs; etc.